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Nunavut Agreement Oral History Project

Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Project
Inuksuk High School Journalism Class

Inukshuk Highschool (Hans Blohm)
We, as students of the Journalism Class (grade 11 and 12 students), plan to survey and interview residents (all age categories) of Iqaluit about the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (NLCA). Our goal is to learn more about how much people know and understand about the NLCA and how they feel the NLCA has changed their lives. We will ask questions such as how much people know about the NLCA, have they read any of the books, pamphlets or posters, how much do they understand about it, do they know how to use the information, have they talked to their children, have teenagers learned about the NLCA from parents or from school…  [Read more]

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